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This delightful set of 2 candle stick holders takes after the remarkable works of Gustav Klimt. Nicely presented in a box.



This perfect gift for friends and art lovers, made of top quality porcelain keeps your espresso hot for long-lasting flavor.


Relish the classical and timeless charms of artistry with our range of “Art Collection” jumbo tea mugs.


A cup of tea is an excuse to share good thoughts with great minds. Shop this set of 6 ‘The Kiss” inspired mugs.


The cabernet wine glass is ideal for full-bodied, complex red wines that are higher in alcohol and tannins. The generous size allows the wine to aerate in the glass and the bouquet to develop fully. The shape of the rim directs the flow of the wine to the front palate to enhance sweetness, thus accentuating […]


This chardonnay wine glass is perfect for white wine and lighter style chardonnay. Its narrow rim directs the flow of wine towards the mid-palate, allowing you appreciate the balance of fruity flavors and the subtle elongation of the bowl captures the complex characters of the wine’s aroma. Recommended for: – Bordeaux (White) – Burgundy (White) […]


Wines made from the Syrah grape typically exhibit intense aromas of blackberries, pepper and floral scents. The narrow rim of the Riedel Syrah wine glass directs the flow of wine towards the mid-palate, allowing you to experience the wine’s silky texture and sensuous fruity flavors, while the tannins flow to the back of the palate […]


A part of the new, incredibly thin, machine made veritas series, this two-pack champagne glass set is designed with a broader bowl to give ample room to the champagne’s bouquet and the bubbles are finer and softer, giving a beautiful mouthfeel. With its tall, slender stem, the graceful swell of its bowl is elegant and […]


Specifically shaped to highlight the fruit in full-bodied red wines, the wine is directed to the area of the palate that perceives sweetness and mellows the acidity or any rough edges.


This variety of glassware makes every drop of wine taste its best. Customized to direct the flow of wine onto the part of the palate that will best express the flavors and aroma, you’re guaranteed the best wine experience.